Inclement Weather Policy

February 13th, 2024

Happy Snow Day, St. Isidore Family!

I woke up (way too) early and it was raining, then around sunrise before I left the house there was suddenly 2-3 inches of heavy & wet snow on the ground! That came out of nowhere (at least to me)! That got me thinking of the St. Isidore Market’s Inclement Weather Policy which I’ll share below. But before that, a note on Thursday:

The St. Isidore Market will be OPEN this Thursday from 5-6:30 pm! It looks like any foul weather will have passed by then and the snow melted. So don’t hesitate to Place An Order Before Noon Today and come on out to our Market on Thursday!

Inclement Weather Policy – The Community Markets Inc. team is always watching the weather to ensure it will be safe for us and you to be on the road. If the Market any given week is canceled, we will try call it around noon on Tuesday at the latest so we don’t order product and then no one be able to come pick it up. In the Case of a Market Closure: Don’t fret! We will simply fulfill your order the following week! If that for some reason will not work for you, you may cancel your order and we can refund you if you’ve paid on credit/debit already. If we have already ordered product and some unexpected storm hits on, say, a Wednesday or Thursday, then we’ll figure it out from there. Maybe we’ll have just have the Market a day or two after Thursday, maybe we’ll deliver that week, maybe it will be a combination. If we’re faced with this situation (hopefully we won’t be), we’ll take it on a case by case basis. Regardless, we won’t let any food simply rot!

If we are delivering orders some week – is anyone able to volunteer to make deliveries using your vehicle/gas? Those with 4-wheel drive vehicles are ideal. Please let me know if you can help with this so we can put you on our Inclement Weather Drivers List! 

There you have it. I hope that’s helpful and possibly reassuring. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Happy Shopping and see you this Thursday!

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