Customer – Account Credentials

How to create an Account. How to reset your password.

Customer – Account Settings

How to view your order history. How to update your address. How to update your payment information. How to change your password.

Customer – Site Navigation

How to search for an item or vendor. How to add an item to your cart. How to apply a coupon code. How to place an order.

Vendor – Account Credentials

How to reset your password.

Vendor – Metrics/Coupons

How to create a coupon code. How to view analytics over a specified range of dates.

Vendor – Store Management

How to edit store settings. How to update payout information. How to update branding. How to connect social medias. How to update policies. How to update SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). How to view coupon analytics.

Vendor – Order Management

How to navigate to your Vendor Dashboard. View and manage orders.

Vendor – Product Management

How to add a simple product. How to add a complex product. How to edit a product.

Admin – Media

How to view media library. How to add new media.

Admin – Email Subscribers

How to create an email list. How to create an email template to send to send to a list.

Admin – WooCommerce

How to view orders. How to view coupons/ coupon analytics. How to view customers. How to view reports.

Admin – Products

How to view products. How to create/edit products. How to create a Category/Tag.

Admin – Analytics

How to view Analytics for revenue, orders, products, categories, coupons, and taxes.

Admin – WPForms

How to create and edit a form. How to view form entries.

Admin – Users

How to create new users. How to change user roles.

Admin – Stripe

Create a Stripe Account and linking it to your WooCommerce store.