Welcome to a new way to feed your family. At Saint James, we want to feed our parishioners physically and spiritually. We have joined together with local small businesses and farmers to bring you high quality groceries at family friendly prices. This is not a fundraiser. We are trying to keep things simple, stay healthy, and help our local community thrive.

Our Market takes place each Friday evening between 5:00 – 6:30 PM outside at St. James. Our vendors will be set up in locations spread out enough to accommodate appropriate social distancing. Customers drive through the main loop to pick up their items.

You are also welcome to park and pick up your groceries from each vendor; they’d love to say hello! In addition to pre-orders, we will now have some products available for walk-up sales. Supplies will be limited, so come early!

A Beautiful Testimonial About St Isidore Market
“You’ve got to love St. Isidore Market and the vendors there. I don’t really know any of them personally and they don’t know me. It was a much smaller parish when I lived here before under the Pastorship of Fr. John J. – But in spite of wanting to keep me quarantined, my son let me ride along with him 4 or 5 times to pick up my order from the Market. I’m sure none of them know me but they are always so friendly. It’s great to get the fresh and locally produced products and to try new ethnic foods! I’ve become addicted to that coffee that is so gentle on my stomach. I’m an avid coffee drinker. I never buy lettuce from the store. It just isn’t the same vegetable. This lettuce is so good, I rarely use salad dressing. And the C & C Keto treats! That chocolate satisfies a chocolate craving for days. I felt so bad last Friday that the cold air slowed down my knees too much to be able to go to St. Isidore. I want to thank everyone who asked about me and sent loving wishes back with my son. There’s a whole lot more to this Ministry than the Market!”