NEW Cakes & Breads!

Happy Friday, St. Isidore Market Family!

So… where did April go? It will be May by the time our next Market rolls around! Time only passes more quickly as you get older I am told. With a young family and Growing Nonprofit, the days and weeks do seem to pass more quickly! Slow things down a bit this week with cakes and bread from a NEW vendorWhimsical Meadows Farm! Read on to learn more and Happy Shopping!

  • Whimsical Meadows Farm is located in Jefferson County off of Rt. 51 towards Middleway. Sabrina and her family make, bake, produce, and grow all sorts of fabulous and local products – edible, nonedible, and wearable! To get you started this week, enjoy Angel Food Cake in several vibrant colors, Cupcakes in three flavors and quantities: ChocolateVanilla, and Confetti, and three kinds of fresh-baked breads: French BaguetteItalian Rosemary, & Whimsy’s White! Be on the lookout for new products from the Farm in the coming weeks. Shop Whimsical Meadows Farm.
  • Buy Your Staples from St. Isidore Market! I’d like to point out that Sabrina and her family are yet another family and local farmer that you are directly supporting by shopping at the St. Isidore Market. Your weekly order not only puts money directly into 20+ local farmers, small businesses, and their families pockets, but it also feeds hundreds more underserved and low income families by supporting the mission of Community Markets Inc. which is greater food security and access to healthy WV-grown food. The Peiffer family has committed to buying our weekly staple food items from the St. Isidore Market – can you and your family also commit to buying as much of your weekly groceries from the Market as possible to support local farmers, families, and CMI?
  • Compare Our Prices to the Store! The prices of the staple items sold weekly at the St. Isidore Market are comparable or better than the price of the equivalent item at the grocery store, yet you can go look in the eye and shake the hand of the farmer, baker, or artisan that produced the food you eat from our Market because they’re your neighbors! So, our prices are lower for a higher quality product grown in your community and your money is directly benefitting friends and neighbors – what more convincing do you need? My plea to you is:
  • Join the Peiffer family and commit to buying your weekly staple groceries from the St. Isidore Market!

The Community Markets Inc. team is so grateful for how many of you already do this by Ordering Weekly as well as for our growing number of volunteers helping at the Market. This is truly a community-driven Market where neighbors help neighbors access local and affordable groceries for the greater wealth and wellness of everyone in our community!

Enjoy over 215 farm-fresh food and local products from our Market. Let us know if we can help in anyway as you place your order or if you have any questions. We enjoy serving you and look forward to seeing you all this coming Thursday, May 2nd, from 5-6:30 pm at St. James!

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Enjoy Angel Food Cake and other baked goods from Whimsical Meadow Farms only at the St. Isidore Market!