Order Crumby Cake!

January 29th, 2024

Dear St. Isidore Market Family,

Here we are again – another Monday with less than 24 hours of online preordering left! I am officially reminding you now to Place Your Order. We have some friends joining us on Thursday at the Market and a “crumby” new product – read on for details!

  • You love Clevelando’s homemade Italian meals, so I know you’ll love their all-new NY Coffee Crumb Cake! This completes the missing piece to my plan to eat a different Clevelando’s product for each meal of the day! You can experience this culinary dream yourself now too! Be sure to grab your bag of Fettucine with your Coffee Crumb Cake too!
  • Don’t forget to try the new line of Local Potato Chips, available in 11 flavors for a lower introductory price! Try Chicken Wings too and shop our Modest Meat Sale which includes Bratwurst.

For the Market this week it won’t just be me!

  • Dr. Jason Wood of Wood Chiropractic will be offering free spinal screenings during the Market. Come get your nervous system checked to see if you could be living a healthier, fuller life! Jason is a friend and his services have produced tangible health benefits for many people I know – you may be one of them!
  • Noll House Cookies will join us on Thursday with some fresh & delicious cookies for sale. Come early to grab yours! Some other vendors may join us too.
  • We will have our usual list of local food available for walk up sales including: a few meats, artisan cheese chunks, milk, butter, eggs, breads, greens, coffee, honey, and more! Look for a post on Facebook tomorrow afternoon for the complete list!

We look forward to seeing you Thursday from 5-6:30 pm!

Get Involved! Help the St. Isidore Market grow by: 1) Paying in cash or check if possible. It means more money stays locally and reaches our farmers, not credit card companies. 2) Forwarding this email to a friend. 3) Liking and sharing St. Isidore Market on Facebook. 4) Making a Donation to Community Markets Inc. so we can increase access to healthy food in our community. 5) Sharing our promotional flyers with others. 6) Volunteering at the Market. An extra set of hands always helps things run more smoothly! Contact me for more details.

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Ny Crumb Coffee Cake

Enjoy NY Crumb Coffee Cake from Clevelando’s only at the St. Isidore Market!