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January 8th, 2024

Good evening, St. Isidore Market Family!

Our first indoor Winter Market is this Thursday from 5-6:30 pm at St. James, so be sure to Order Now before noon tomorrow to get exactly what you want! We will have some walk up sales available. Also, some vendors will join us, like BkSdM with delicious fermented foods!

  • Please note that this week we are in the hallway outside of St. Zita’s! Most weeks we will be in the library, but when the library isn’t available, our table will be in the hallway outside of St. Zita’s accessed by the left door under the brick walkway off of the piazza. Follow the signs or ask someone standing by the trailer. Our refrigerated trailer will be parked in the same spot, but be sure to come in and see what we have for sale and make your payment before going out to the trailer to pick up your order. If you wish to pick up your order from your car, simply pull up to the circle as you normally would and someone will come help you. It will take a few weeks to adjust, so thank you for your patience!
  • Want to funnel more money this year to our farmers and local families and not international corporations? Please consider paying by cash or check and not by credit/debit card. Those credit card fees add up fast, taking money out of our local economy and empowering corporate interests (which can be contrary to our local interests as a community). Paying by cash or check means that 100% of your money stays locally, enriching your neighbors and bolstering the wellbeing of West Virginian communities and farmers. Neighbors paying neighbors is the quickest way to local economic revitalization. Consider making this a new habit in 2024.
  • We have Bumper Stickers! Available starting this week we have St. Isidore Market and Community Markets Inc. Bumper Stickers available by donation only. Show your local food support!
  •  Thank you for those who entered our $25 Martin’s Gift Card drawing by ordering $0 or more over the weekend Friday-Sunday. Our winner this week is Jamie Smith. Please pick up your gift card with your order on Thursday. Be on the lookout for more fun prize opportunities this year!

Be sure to check out the new design on our refrigerated trailer thanks to Vital Signs Plus! We look forward to seeing you this Thursday from 5-6:30 pm at St. James in the hallway outside of St. Zita’s!

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Enjoy Banana Cake Rolls from Sweets For Any Season only at the St. Isidore Market.