Sweet Treats! (Time to Order!)

February 19th, 2024

Hi There, St. Isidore Market Family!

This is your friendly reminder to Order This Week from the St. Isidore Market! There are over 210 local foods and artisan products to choose from! And we have some good news: Sweets For Any Season is back!

Happy shopping! We look forward to seeing you this Thursday, February 22nd from 5-6:30 pm at St. James Catholic Church in Charles Town, WV!

Remember hungry families in our community this Lent. Donate to Community Markets Inc.

Get Involved! Help the St. Isidore Market grow by: 1) Paying in cash or check if possible. It means more money stays locally and reaches our farmers, not credit card companies. 2) Forwarding this email to a friend. 3) Liking and sharing St. Isidore Market on Facebook. 4) Making a Donation to Community Markets Inc. so we can increase access to healthy food in our community. 5) Sharing our promotional flyers with others. 6) Volunteering at the Market. An extra set of hands always helps things run more smoothly! Contact me for more details.

Order Now

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Enjoy Mag’s Cinnamon Honey Butter only from the St. Isidore Market!