✚ Hot Cross Buns!! ✚

March 15th, 2024

Happy Friday, St. Isidore Family!

It’s starting to feel like Spring, eh? Lent intensifies but Easter fast approaches, and this means one thing: ✚ Hot Cross Buns ✚ from Bolivar Bread Bakery! They’re only here for two weeks out of the year leading up to Easter, and the baker tells me she can’t bake them fast enough – folks just gobble them up! Enjoy these seasonal treats and some other new finds this week: Shop On!

  • ✚ Hot Cross Buns ✚ are a spiced bun with currants and orange zest, baked with a cross on top and brushed with an orange glaze. Your Easter brunch will be surely sumptuous! Enjoy as many half dozen packs as you can without being a glutton! Shop Bolivar Bread Bakery.
  • Speaking of Easter, look for more info on a special Easter St. Isidore Market in two weeks. I need to nail down the details, but the idea is to NOT have our Thursday Market on March 28th (Holy Thursday) but RATHER have our Market on Holy Saturday morning at St. James, March 30th. Details TBA. Would this serve your Easter food preparations? Please contact me with your feedback! Stay tuned!
  • With Easter comes Easter Meats from Crestview Meat Market! Various cuts of Lamb, varied boneless hams, and perhaps more! These will post as soon as possible once I have the info! In the meantime, enjoy 48 Fabulous Meat & Deli Products! Say NO THANKS to the hormones, antibiotics, and other junk in the national meat brands and support a local family run butcher shop! Shop Crestview Meat Market.
  • This new value-added product from Farmhouse Kitchen is really my jam: Try NEW Peach Berry Jam! You won’t find this berry/peach fusion in the stores! Only at the St. Isidore Market! It’s a favorite of the Community Markets Inc. staff, and could be your new favorite to put on Sourdough or Dinner Rolls! There’s only one way to find out! Shop Farmhouse Kitchen Jams.
  • We await the return of Blueberry Drinkable Yogurt from Country Creamery. Perhaps I will have news in Monday’s email. Stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy Peach and Strawberry Drinkable Yogurts and 17 flavors of Small Batch Ice Cream! Shop Country Creamery.
  • We’re making the St. Isidore Online Store more user friendly! Have you tried shopping using Product Tags? It’s a convenient way to find what you’re looking for or find something new! Also, be sure to check out our weekly Featured Products at the bottom of the home page. For anyone who has been frustrated by glitches when ordering, thank you for your patience! Our team strives to make your Market experience easy and convenient from the moment you log on to order all the way to when you leave the Market on Thursday with your order. I’m not a full time web developer nor do I have the money to revamp the website like we plan to eventually! If you have IT skills you wish to volunteer, or you want to be an IT intern (we have one currently who’s quite good), or you want to Contribute Towards a New Website, I welcome the help!
  • Today is the last day of the Unity Campaign, so if you’re able to make a donation to CMI to help us reach our goal, it is partially matched by United Way and 100% comes back to CMIDonate HERE. Anything over and above what is needed to purchase a larger cold storage trailer will go towards supporting the mission of Community Markets Inc. Thank you for your generosity!

Have a fabulous St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Enjoy that Irish Soda Bread & Corned Beef! Happy shopping and we look forward to seeing you this Thursday, March 21st!

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Enjoy delicious Bolivar Bread ✚ Hot Cross Buns ✚ the next two weeks ONLY from the St. Isidore Market!